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Vitamin A - Zinc

Vitamin A - Zinc supplementation for chronic Lyme disease

Vitamins A - Zinc are essential to good health. When you are dealing with any chronic illness, like chronic Lyme disease, these essential nutrients are striped from your body by the invading microorganisms. It is essential that you supplement to help combat vitamin deficiencies. 

Vitamin A 
deficiency has been found to exacerbate Lyme disease associated arthritis and has been linked to strong inflammatory process. Vitamin A has significant ability to improve your immune system. 

B Vitamins 
are scavenged deeply with all the mycoplasma co-infections infections. Therefore, it is essential to supplement with a good B complex. Vitamin B complexes can also be helpful in controlling sugar cravings (along with chromium) and since the B vitamins work synergistically, should be taken if you are taking any B vitamins. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT VITAMIN A-ZINC FOR CHRONIC LYME DISEASE